5 String Fretless Bass/ 12 String Lead Acoustic Electric Busuyi Guitar




  • List/Street value $12,500
  • Glossy Maple fretboard
  • Bass & Guitar model
  • Double neck, double sides, dual jack 

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Never Done Before! A 5 String Fretless Bass + A 12 String Acoustic Guitar in 1 Guitar! Wow!
1. Wow factor - when your friends see this guitar, they will tell you you have a unique guitar. 
2. Sound quality - One owner said his acoustic version is better than the ovation double head he had for 5 years 
3. Weight factor - If you are going to stand up while playing, this guitar would be more merciful to your neck
4. Gig factor- This guitar will most get you more gigs than the old type. That's why Prince spent thousands on new guitars. 
5. New factor- the regular double head is too old for 2017 
6. Uniqueness- This guitar is so unique that USPTO issued a 20 year patent for the product. That's why Fender, Gibson and the rest of them cannot touch it.
7. Value Factor - One owner claimed he would have easily paid twice more for this guitar after hearing the sound quality.
8. Travel Factor - Airlines will only allow one guitar as carry on, with this guitar, you are actually carrying 2 guitars on the plane
9. Green Factor - We save the forest, only one wood for 2 guitars
10. Income Factor - Now you can make more money playing at events by yourself, just get a looper and you are a one man band.
11. Fame Factor - Join famous American owners of this guitar like Akon, Smash, Janice, Monkeysoop, & More!
12.  Jam Factor- You can have fun practicing those crazy licks alone, just get a looper. 

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